Media Freedom and Information Access Clinic - Contact Info

MFIA has taken on a range of clients in order to help support the public’s right of access to crucial government information and proceedings. Our cases are selected on the basis of whether the issues at stake are in line with our core mission, and whether they have the potential to positively impact the law. MFIA is run by students under the supervision of practicing attorneys, and unfortunately can only take on a small percentage of the cases presented to the clinic. Please note that MFIA cannot and will not give legal advice until we affirmatively agree to take on your case. If you have a question about basic legal information, please feel free to contact us, but we may not be able to answer all questions.

As noted above, potential clients should email with a brief description of the case. If you have a more general inquiry about MFIA, please contact the 2013-2014 Student Directors: Patrick Hayden (, Christina Koningisor (christina.koningisor), and Max Mishkin (

MFIA is a part of the Floyd Abrams Institute for Freedom of Expression, and the Information Society Project.