Media Freedom and Information Access Clinic

How We Work

The MFIA Clinic serves as both a vigorous advocate for its clients and as a supportive teaching institution for Yale Law School students in developing critical litigation skills. To further these twin goals, incoming cases are carefully screened for both potential impact on areas of the law in line with MFIA’s core mission and for their potential to serve as useful training for future lawyers. The MFIA Clinic is supervised by David Schulz, a Partner at Levine, Sullivan, Koch & Schulz LLP in New York City, and one of the foremost media lawyers in the country, and Jack Balkin, the Knight Professor of Constitutional Law and the First Amendment at Yale Law School. In 2013, the clinic is additionally supervised by Abrams Clinical Fellow Jonathan Manes. Individual cases are also overseen by a talented team of media-focused lawyers who practice all over the country.

The Media Freedom and Information Access Clinic's mission is twofold: to support a robust investigative role for news organizations and to preserve the public’s right of access to information, thereby ensuring a well-informed public sphere.

Students in the clinic, under the direction of their supervising attorneys, are chiefly responsible for research, drafting of legal documents, and appearing in court to argue on behalf of clients.