Innovation Law Beyond IP

Sunday, March 30

8:00-8:30            Breakfast and Registration – Room 122, Yale Law School (127 Wall Street)

8:30-9:40            Plenary Session – Room 129
                            Mark Lemley
                            Amy Kapczynski
                            Yochai Benkler
                           Moderator: Lisa Larrimore Ouellette

9:50-11:10         Panel 1


Comparing Innovation Policy Levers – 129

Beyond the Patents-Prizes Debate

Daniel Hemel & Lisa Larrimore Ouellette

The Fracking Revolution: A Case Study in Policy Levers to Promote Innovation

John Golden & Hannah Wiseman


Rebecca Eisenberg

Michael Abramowicz 


Cultural Production Without IP -128

Incubating Indies: New Distributed Models to Support Diverse Culture

Sean Pager

Real Accounts from Creators and Innovators: Making Do with Intellectual Property Misfit

Jessica Silbey


Pam Samuelson

Barton Beebe


11:10-11:40      Coffee – Room 122

11:40-1:00         Panel 2


Regulation and Institutions – 129

Innovation Sticks

Amy Kapczynski & Ian Ayres

Comparative Analysis of Failures and Institutions in Context

Brett Frischmann & Mark McKenna


Mark Lemley

Yochai Benkler


Privacy and Innovation – 128

Roundtable discussants:

Bryan Choi

Frank Pasquale

Tal Zarsky

Julie Cohen


Margot Kaminski


1:00-2:00            Lunch – Law School Dining Hall

2:20-3:20            Panel 3


Prizes and Grants – 129

Governing Innovation Prizes

Michael Burstein & Fiona Murray

The Unexpected Political Economy of Serendipity

Bhaven Sampat


Brian Wright

Jonathan Masur

Organizational Structures – 128

Corporate Structures for Innovation

Dan Burk

Public-Private Partnerships as Innovation Strategies

Liza Vertinsky


Roger Ford

Sean O’Connor

3:20-3:40            Coffee – Room 122

3:40-5:00            Panel 4


Direct Government Incentives—Procurement and Venture Capital Programs – 129

Local Commercialization Incentives

Camilla Hrdy

Incentives To Develop Whose Knowledge?

Jim Bessen


Talha Syed

Arti Rai

Innovation and Human Capital – 128

Roundtable Discussants:

Orly Lobel

Mario Biagioli

Rochelle Dreyfuss representative


Kiel Brennan- Marquez


Format for panels with two papers: 12 min to present each paper, then 12 min for each commentator to respond to both papers, then remaining time for questions

Twitter hashtag: #BeyondIP