Thomas Goetz, Executive Editor of Wired, Discusses "Does Privacy Matter?"

tgheadPlease join us on Tuesday, December 15 for the weekly ISP speaker series, featuring Wired Executive Editor Thomas Goetz discussing "Does Privacy Matter? Medical Information in a Time of Collective Wisdom." The event will take place at 4:10 p.m. in Room 121 of Yale Law School. Refreshments will be provided.  The event is sponsored by the Yale Information Society Project and the Knight Law and Media Program.

Thomas Goetz is the Executive Editor of Wired Magazine.  He has been at Wired since 2001, after writing for the Village Voice, the Wall Street Journal, and the Industry Standard.  Goetz has a Master of Public Health from UC Berkeley, and writes about science, health and medicine including: DNA databases and privacy and the "dark data" of failed scientific experiments.

Goetz will discuss the following:

"Does Privacy Matter? Medical Information in a Time of Collective Wisdom"

Individuals have an opportunity, as never before, to engage in personalized medicine. new research shows that by measuring and tracking our health data, we become more engaged and more informed consumers of healthcare - with better health outcomes. And this process becomes even more powerful when our data is shared and integrated into collaborative databases, where collective wisdom can emerge. But this data-centric vision of personal health demands a new conception of our health information and medical privacy. No longer can we treat our medical records as something static that must be sealed up - we must engage with our data, share it, and be comfortable with it. This talk will examine the opportunities of engaged, data-driven healthcare, as well as contend with the inevitable backlash from privacy advocates and traditionalists.