Jimmy Wales talk: this Wednesday at 6pm

Jimmy Wales, the co-founder and de facto leader of Wikipedia, is coming to speak at Yale on October 7 at 6pm. The talk will take place at SSS 114, which is at the corner of Grove and Prospect St in New Haven. The ISP is pleased to sponsor this talk with the Yale Students for Free Culture. As Adi Kamdar, one of the organizers of the event, puts it:

Come listen to Jimmy Wales talk about Wikipedia, its purpose, its criticisms, and its place in the academic/human sphere! Ask him questions! Rant your rants! Sing your praises! But definitely come out—if Wikipedia has taught me anything, it's that a lot of people can make cool things happen. Also that Sir William Smith (1813 – 1893) was a distinguished English lexicographer.

Looking forward to seeing you there!